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Tag: Bullet Ant

Yellowjacket Face

Common Stinging Insects in Your Backyard

Written by Kristin

In warmer months of the year, you may encounter several types of common stinging insects, such as wasps and hornets, in your backyard. Over the years and all over the world, insects have developed effective (yet painful) methods of defending themselves and hunting their prey. Unfortunately for us, many of these insects can call your backyard home. ...

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6 of the World’s Craziest Bugs

By Katie Nelson

Last week we talked about 6 of the United States Craziest Insects, and this week we’re expanding that to the rest of the world. Because let’s be honest, there are parts of the world with such crazy insects, that most Americans cannot fathom sharing Eco systems with them. These are our top 6 choices for the ...

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