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Pest Control You can Count on in Papillion, Nebraska

If you’re looking for pest control in Papillion, look no further than locally owned and operated, Spidexx Pest Control, offering quality, affordable pest control solutions for any and all pest problems you and your family may experience. Our Seasonal Protection Program and our Ultimate Protection Guarantee, backed up by over a decade of industry experience, can take care of any and all of your pest control needs. We guarantee that if you see a pest in your home, we will come out to help get rid of it and continue to protect your home throughout the year.

Whether you’re experiencing mice in the fall, spiders in the winter, wasps in the spring, or ants in the summer – we have experience working pests found in and around Papillion. Our highly skilled and trained technicians will arrive in uniform in their Spidexx truck. They are your resource for any questions you have during service, about pests, or about protecting your home. Our friendly office staff are always just a phone call away, and willing to help create a solution to tackle your households specific needs. We are focused on our footprint we leave in the world, so we are 100% paperless here at Spidexx. We use email to update you about upcoming services, invoices, and notes from the technicians regarding your service.


Reviews From Happy Pest Control Customers


“…I was so thankful that he was able to take care of all of my issues.”

I contacted Spidexx because I had an issue with some pesty bumble bees.  I called them and they were very informative as to what type of bees I was dealing with.  I spoke with Ryan and he told me he could get a technician out the same day. My technician showed up at the exact time I was told and he was extremely helpful.  He walked me through the perimeter of my home showing me where the wasps and bees would nest. I thought I only had a bee issue but he located 7 wasps nests that I hadn’t seen and I was so thankful that he was able to take care of all of my issues.  Because of him I signed up for an annual contract and have asked him to return for all of my inspections because he was very diligent. I would recommend Spidexx Pest Control to anyone dealing with pests in their home!

Five Star Rating

Kathy M. – Omaha, NE


“I greatly appreciate the support and commitment this company has show in addressing my issues.”

Spidexx Pest Control has been a pleasure to deal with.  I have been impressed with his knowledge, professionalism, and courtesy. I have been dealing with two simultaneous issues – a mouse issue at my house and a moth issue at my condo. Derek has been diligent in coming by every two weeks to ensure the problems are being addressed. He has also been very empathetic and respectful to my tenant during the treatments. Last Friday afternoon Derek informed me that he was running late would not be able to make it until later in the afternoon. He arrived at my house at 4:30pm and ended staying with me till 5:45pm, which included a trip over to my condo. Even though it was late on a Friday night and he had another appointment to go to, he never rushed or made me feel like he was in a hurry. He took the time to answer all of my questions and make sure the issue was addressed. I greatly appreciate the support and commitment this company has show in addressing my issues. I will continue to use them for any pest issues, as well as recommend them to others.

Five Star Rating

John A. – Omaha, NE


The City of Papillion

With a population that has almost doubled since 1990, Papillion is a rapidly-growing suburb of Omaha, part of the five-county Omaha metropolitan area. First settled in the 18th century, it is the county seat of Sarpy County. A city of around 20,000 people, and known as “Papio” to locals and residents, Papillion was first settled by French explorers. The city is approximately 6.47 square miles, and .02 square miles is water, the remaining 6.45 is land. The city is part of the Papillion-La Vista Public School District, which includes numerous elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools, as well as the Nebraska Christian College.

After discovering a nearby creek, they named it after the French word for butterfly, due to the large number of the insects that lived along its banks. Over time, the town grew up around this creek, becoming one of several Parisian-styled frontier cities of the Midwest, with the river running through the middle. The arrival of the railroad in the late 1800s caused the town to grow even more rapidly, and it has continued to expand ever since. Papillion is a part of the Papillion-La Vista Public School District. There are several elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools for the two cities.

Papillion boasts options for activity and fun that would put many larger cities to shame. Halleck Park is a recreation area situated the middle of the city, with miles of trails and several parks, including the Papio Fun park and Papio Bay Aquatic Park. There are 9 baseball diamonds within the park where several local teams practice and play. In 2011, the Omaha Storm Chasers AAA baseball team moved from downtown Omaha to Papillion. Their new home, Werner Park, is located on the west side of the city and seats just under 10,000 people. In 2015, it hosted the AAA All-Star Game and Home Run Derby.

Spidexx Pest Control – Locally Owned and Operated

Spidexx Pest Control is locally owned and operated right here in Papillion and the greater Omaha area. Our employees don’t just work in Papillion; they live here right alongside our customers. Thanks to this, we understand your pest control needs, because they are our own needs as well. We know what it takes to keep pests like ants, mice, wasps, and cockroaches out of your home; because we also care about keeping those pests out of our own homes. We know the feeling of the return of pests like ants in the spring and wasps in the summer, which is why we believe it’s important to protect your home year round. Our top-of-the-line pest control products are safe to use around your family and pets, and we know this because we use them in our own homes, as well as in hospitals, schools, day cares, and nursing homes.

When a Spidexx Quality Trained Professional visits your home, you will be treated like a friend and neighbor as they perform their walk-through, assessing any possible threats that pests may be posing to your home while answering any questions you may have in a thorough and courteous manner. They will arrive in their Spidexx uniform and truck. You’ll never have to leave your home while our pest control treatment is administered, and once it dries you’ll never even know it was there. Spidexx knows the most effective, most efficient, and safest ways to keep your home free from pests like earwigs, ants, spiders, crickets, boxelder bugs, and any other creepy-crawly invaders.

The Spidexx Seasonal Pest Control Program

Nebraskans know just how different the four seasons can be – and pest control is no different. Each season also comes with its own unique pest control challenges, and Spidexx’s Seasonal Pest Control Program is up to those challenges. From winter cold snaps forcing mice into your walls and pantry, to ants and Asian Lady Beetles taking up residence in the spring, or mosquitoes and yellow jackets in the summer, and stink bugs in the fall – all four seasons have their own different pest control needs.

Approaching the entire year with the same tactics to keep your home pest-free just doesn’t make sense, which is why that’s not what we do at Spidexx. Our Seasonal Pest Control Program is made up of quarterly visits, tailored to that season’s pest control needs. Our expert technicians will not only address seasonal pest control concerns, but also any other pest problems you may have. Roaches and spiders are year-round pests, and some insects, like the Asian Lady Beetle and spiders, make a nuisance of themselves multiple times a year. Rest assured, no bug is too big or small, and no pest is too stubborn for our Spidexx Pest Control team! If we need to come out between services to spot treat areas of activity, give us a call to schedule a free retreat, which is included in the Seasonal Pest Control Program.

Our Team

When you call us at (515) 200-2668, you’ll speak to a person – not just any person, but a friendly and knowledgeable member of our office staff. Our customer service professionals will listen to your concerns, and help you set up a home consultation with our technicians in a way that best suits your needs. The first goal at Spidexx is total customer satisfaction, and that starts the moment we answer the phone.

Our technicians take great pride in their ability to give our customers the peace of mind that excellent pest control service can provide. People in Papillion choose Spidexx because of our polite quality trained professionals. Our technicians care about our clients and our community, and it shows in the level of service we provide. We know that not every pest problem has a one-visit solution, and we will make as many treatments as necessary to guarantee that your home is pest free.