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Pest Control in Omaha


The Need for an Exterminator in Omaha, NE

Omaha is home to one of the largest zoos in the world, the Lewis and Clark National Trail Headquarters, and a rich, deep-rooted pioneer heritage. It’s an exciting place in which to settle down, but the city is situated along the banks of the Missouri River and is known for hot, humid summers and dry, windy winters. Unfortunately, Omaha’s riverfront positioning and climate are conducive to pest problems. Omaha was also recently deemed one of the nation’s most hazardous sites of toxic waste, which is another contributing factor to the increasing pest problem.

In addition to all the common household pests that Omaha residents already deal with, the region is struggling with the reemergence of summertime Japanese beetles, which are known for eating through vegetation of all kinds and destroying crops and small residential gardens. Omaha homes are also being plagued by a high number of flea infestations, as domesticated animals carry them into homes after contact with other infested pets. With the growing number of pest problems, you need an Omaha pest control service that you can count on.

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Reviews from Happy Spidexx Customers

“I love Spidexx! They are truly my heroes!”

“I love Spidexx! They are truly my heroes! … We haven’t seen any spiders in our home… A man just came today 3/25/19 and he was so sweet! I told him I didn’t want to do the inside of my house because I was cleaning and he said to call whenever and they will come back and do it for free! … I am a forever customer! Super satisfied with their work! All winter, I didn’t see one spider in my house!”

— Caito S.

“We’ve had a great experience with Spidexx”

“We’ve had a great experience with Spidexx, their employees, and the services they have provided. They never hesitate to let us know if one of their service providers is running late and have come back out free of charge when we need wasp nests or spider problems taken care of after a service appointment.”

— Monica A.

“I highly recommend Spidexx for all your pest needs!”

“All the technicians always take their time and do a very thorough job, and I love that I can call in between my quarterly treatments if I need any specific treatments. I highly recommend Spidexx for all your pest needs!”

— Maggie F.

“They were very professional”

“They were very professional and explained everything they were doing beforehand. I have not seen an ant since. Highly recommend.”

— Mary R.



Omaha Pest Control Services

Each one of Omaha’s seasons brings an array of different pests that threaten to invade your house. No matter the temperature outside, insects and rodents are always a threat to the health and safety of your abode. Thankfully, Spidexx treatments can protect you from the harms of all household pest species, including beetles, wasps, spiders, ants, and many more. We tailor our services to customer needs, so whether you prefer to sign up for seasonal mosquito control in Omaha, or for a one-time spray treatment, we’ll help you kick out those unwelcome guests and keep them out.

Even if you don’t currently have a pest problem, it’s a good idea to receive preventative maintenance to keep it that way. Spidexx has you covered. Our preventative services keep the critters out no matter the current weather conditions. You can schedule these services to occur annually, each time the seasons change, or whenever you find yourself in need of pest control in Omaha, NE.

All work carried out by Spidexx is risk-free and backed by our guarantee. The Spidexx Ultimate Protection Guarantee gives you the promise that, as our customer, we will take care of any pest emergencies in-between treatments. Our honest and respectful servicemen stand by their work and truly care about customers. Get in touch with us to learn more about our pest control in Omaha, Nebraska.

Defend Your Omaha Residence

Your home protects your family and all of your belongings, and it deserves to be well taken care of in return. Invest in a worthwhile cause by scheduling regular pest control maintenance services in Omaha. Call us today at (402) 850-2187 to set up a plan that meets your needs or send us a message to learn more about the high-quality products our team uses around your home.