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Pest Prevention in Nashotah, WI

Are you tired of pests plaguing your home or business? When you need safe, efficient, and reliable pest prevention in Nashotah, WI look no further than Spidexx Pest Control! From our friendly knowledgeable customer service team to our expertly trained technicians, we work with you to create customized solutions so you can leave your pest problems behind.

Whether you deal with recurring issues with ants, spiders, mosquitoes, or wasps, or you find yourself in need of specialty removal of fleas, cockroaches, or bedbugs, we are here to take the hassle out of pest control!

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Common Pests

Wolf Spiders


Carpenter Ants


Yellow Jackets






Carpenter Bees


Boxelder Bugs




Stink Bugs



Lady Bugs

Nashotah: Nestled in Waukesha’s Lake Country

30 miles northwest of Milwaukee lies the small village of Nashotah, in the heart of Waukesha’s Lake Country, encompassing over 20 lakes. The town gets its name from nearby Upper and Lower Nashotah Lakes, and the word “Nashotah” comes from a native word meaning “twins” referring to the two lakes.

Nashotah is ranked #4 on the list of Best Suburbs to Buy a House in Wisconsin, noted as great for families and with excellent public schools. Its 1200 residents enjoy parks, coffee shops, and restaurants. In fact, Wisconsin’s oldest restaurant, the Red Circle Inn, has been operating since 1848! Considering that the town of Nashotah was not incorporated until over one hundred years later in 1957, that’s a testament to the excellence that is Waukesha’s Lake Country.


“…I would highly recommend them…”

“Spidexx has been great to work with. We have their quarterly plan where they come out and spray the yard and interior as needed. They will also come out to do the interior more often if needed, but we haven’t had any issues. We used to have a lot of spiders and occasional mice, but have seen hardly any since using their service! I would highly recommend them. The technicians are always on time, courteous, and friendly. We wish we would have used them a lot sooner!”

– Marie B.

“…everyone we have worked with has been great!…”

“We just started using Spidexx and so far everyone we have worked with has been great! We requested a call before they came due to us having a baby and dogs and they respected that and did as we asked.”

– Julie R.

“…went above the call of duty…”

“Alex did a wonderful job and went above the call of duty and help me get rid of a nasty shrub so he could get to a colony of ants. He also sprayed and killed a lot of nasty yellow jackets.”

– Michael B.

Residential Nashotah Pest Control

No one wants to deal with pests, but no matter the age or cleanliness of a home, everyone will deal with some pests at one point or another. We are the #1 choice for local, safe residential pest control in Nashotah. We pride ourselves in customizing our treatment to meet your home’s needs, but all our customers can expect their pest control treatment to include:

  1. Your pest professional greeting you at the door with a smile
  2. Specific questions about pest activity you have seen to help us better tailor our treatment to the needs of your home
  3. A thorough, safe treatment by a licensed professional using industry-leading application techniques and adhering to rigorous safety guidelines
  4. An emailed after-visit summary outlining the treatments performed and any recommended follow-up treatment
  5. Protection backed by our guarantee: if you are experiencing pests between treatments, simply call us for a free re-treatment

Commercial Nashotah Exterminators

Running a business effectively means making sure all aspects flow smoothly together, and that includes pest control. Whether your business has mice in the kitchen, ants in the breakroom, or spiders spinning webs on the windowsills, choose the top commercial exterminators in Nashotah–Spidexx! We help you foster a pest-free workplace for your employees and customers.

At Spidexx, we understand that no two types of businesses have the same pest control needs, and service a variety of different businesses, such as:

  • Kennels
  • Daycares
  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Storage Facilities

We are experts at treating various types of business for all sorts of pest problems, from rodent removal to wasp control to flea extermination! No matter what pests your business is dealing with, we offer year-round peace of mind for your business, employees, and customers.

Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions (FAQ)

  • How does Spidexx treat for fruit flies?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer a direct treatment for fruit flies. However, there is always an underlying source for the fruit flies, so we advise to look for that and remove the problem that way. You can purchase flypaper while you search, but removing their food source is the only way to stop the infestation. Check for fruit or vegetables that are going bad, or accidental food scraps behind the garbage can. Fruit flies also feed on drain sludge, so clean your drains thoroughly to reduce their food sources.

    Fungus gnats are related to fruit flies and commonly mistaken for them, though fungus gnats have a different food source–fungus. They are frequently attracted to excess moisture in houseplants, so if you notice them clustered around your plants, you may have found the culprit. Drying out the soil and leaving the plants outside if possible can also help clear out the rest of the insects, who will die off without a food source.

  • What pests are covered under my quarterly service?

    Plenty! Our products are effective against ants, centipedes, hornets, wasps, yellowjackets, carpenter bees, spiders, and many others! In addition, our quarterly services also include interior mouse control, and if you find yourself with pest problems between your services, our Ultimate Protection Guarantee means we will come back out for a free re-treatment to make it right. Mice, spiders, ants, wasps–say goodbye to all of them and more when you’re protected by Spidexx!

  • How often do I need pest control in a year?

    Each home varies in its pest control needs, and sometimes the same home differs from year to year. At a minimum, we recommend quarterly treatments to reinforce your pest-free barrier every three months. This is the most effective way to remove and prevent common recurring pests. And at times that the quarterly service isn’t quite enough and you find pests in your home–you’re always covered with free re-treatments any time between your services! Spidexx provides at least four treatments a year, and if your home needs extra attention just give us a call and we’ll make it right.

Mosquito Control in Nashotah

With the namesake Upper and Lower Nashotah lakes close by, residents are no stranger to the nightly swarm of mosquitoes that are unleashed every morning and evening. But if you’re tired of getting bitten up while trying to enjoy your backyard, check out our mosquito services. We apply a fine mist onto foliage and fence lines, targeting mosquitoes where they live and breed, so you can rest easy and unbitten in your backyard once more!

Our technicians re-apply the treatment every three weeks between early May and early October so you can get the most out of your yard during the nicest time of the year. Or if you’re hosting an outdoor event and don’t want uninvited guests, we also offer one-time mosquito sprays to keep the focus where it belongs–you and your celebration.

Nashotah Specialty Pest Exterminators

Bed bugs, cockroaches, and fleas…OH MY! In Nashotah, we are the experts in removing infestations of these specialty pests. All three are brought in differently and require a different approach to treatment. For these services, we provide our customers with a prep sheet that needs to be completed before the technician’s arrival for the most effective treatment.

Our professional exterminators are well-trained in the behavior, nesting, and reproductive habits of these species so they can attack the pests at their source. These services come with re-treatments so we can break up egg cycles and ensure your pest problems are gone for good. We understand how much stress and frustration an infestation can cause, and are ready to tackle even the toughest of problems.

Safe Nashotah Pest Control

Not only will you see great results from our products, you can also rest assured knowing how committed we are to safe and responsible pest control. We never use harsh chemicals that require you or your family to leave the house, and use eco-friendly products whenever possible.

Our technicians are expertly trained in safe application methods for both indoor and outdoor treatments. Plus, the same products we use are also used inside daycares, kennels, hospitals and schools so you can trust that you, your family, and your pets are protected when you choose Spidexx Pest Control.

Top Rated Pest Prevention In Nashotah, WI

Whether you need pest control for your home or business, there are great reasons to choose Spidexx Pest Control. Our friendly knowledgeable staff, thorough training and extensive licensing, industry-leading products and application methods, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us the #1 choice for pest prevention in Nashotah, WI. Give us a call today to learn the Spidexx difference for yourself!