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Are your counters overrun with tiny, black ants, or are you tired of cleaning up spider webs on your house every week? The knowledge, friendliness, and attention-to-detail you get with Spidexx is what makes us the front-runners for the best Muskego, WI pest exterminators. We provide year-round protection from common pests like centipedes, ants, and wasps. If you’re dealing with bigger pest problems like fleas or bed bugs, we’re ready to walk you through each step of the process. We make pest control easy for you, because we do all the work! Find out for yourself and get a free quote from a friendly member of our customer care team.

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Common Pests

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Muskego, WI: A Place to Grow

With just under 25,000 residents and just a short 25 minute drive from downtown Milwaukee, Muskego is the perfect blend of small town living with big city amenities. . The city’s close proximity to Lake Michigan as well as its own 2,190 acre lake, Muskego Lake, makes the area the perfect location for boaters and water lovers. In 2020, Muskego was named the 3rd safest city in Wisconsin and the 121st safest city in the United States. Whether you came to Muskego to get back to the outdoors, or for a safe place to raise a family – we’re ready to protect your home!

Reviews from Satisfied Customers

“…They have kept me spider and bug free for years…”

“On time. They have kept me spider and bug free for years.”

– Rick G.

“…Everyone is extremely professional, helpful, and responsive…”

“Everyone is extremely professional, helpful, and responsive. I never have an issue with scheduling or having them come back. We replaced siding last summer and carpenter ants were found by the siding installers, one call and Spidexx was back out to help us treat the area before they put the siding back, even though they had just done the quarterly treatment the week before.”

– Robin P.

“…I’ve been using them for 2 years and I am very pleased…”

“Great value. Every tech that has come to my house is very professional and attentive to detail. I highly recommend it if you live in the Omaha area! I’ve been using them for 2 years and I am very pleased.”

– Monica T.

Ants, Spiders, and Wasps…OH MY!

When it comes to managing common house pests like ants, spiders, and wasps, residents in Muskego, WI look no further than Spidexx Pest Control. We’re the leaders in exterminating pests from your home or business, and we do it all with a smile! Our year-round protection plan ensures that you’re protected no matter how warm (or cold) it is, in rain or sunshine, and when you need it most. No matter how big or small your pest problem is, you can rest assured that Spidexx will take care of it. We specialize in protecting homes and businesses in Muskego, WI.

The three most common pests that you’re likely to encounter are spiders, ants, and wasps. Spiders are solitary arthropods that thrive due to their ability to remain unseen. On the other side of the spectrum, both ants and wasps are highly social insects that live in colonies or nests. They rely on each other to forage food, reproduce, and defend their nest.

When you’re enrolled in our annual subscription service you’re guaranteed to always receive the following:

  1. Peace of mind that your home or business is free of unwanted pests
  2. A customized treatment plan
  3. A protective barrier around your home or business, particularly around doors, windows, and the foundation
  4. A personal, pest professional who is ready to answer all your pest control questions
  5. A post-service report that will let you know exactly what pests we found, what and where we treated, and any follow up recommendations
  6. UNLIMITED EMERGENCY TREATMENTS, if needed between regular visits

Preventative Pest Treatments in Muskego

Not only are we ready to exterminate unwanted insects and rodents from your home or business, our annual pest prevention program strives to keep them from coming back. We apply a repellant product on the exterior of your home, along doors, windows, the foundation, and any other entry points into the home. We will continue to maintain that barrier once every season, in addition to removing nests and webs on the exterior.

If you’re looking to prevent rodents like mice or voles, you will need to sign up for one of our two rodent prevention programs. Certain properties have higher mouse populations, whether it’s because of corn fields, forest, or new developments disrupting mice habitats.

If you have recurring mice issues several times a year, then you need to take more of a maintenance approach. We target exterior mice populations, using heavy-duty bait stations that are rated for exterior use. Our bait stations are screwed into the ground and have very small holes in them. So you don’t need to worry about larger wildlife or pets getting into the box and ingesting the bait.

Our voles program includes an initial 8 week flush out, to eliminate vole populations from your property. One of the tell-tale signs of voles are trails or runs, which look like raised grass tunnels in your yard. This service is very extensive and we treat once a week and place several bait stations adjacent to runs in your yard. Once we’ve eliminated the majority of the voles from the property, we can maintain that protection and we will return once a month to refill bait stations. Whether you’re looking to prevent voles, mice, spiders, or another common pest, choose the expert Muskego pest exterminators – Spidexx Pest.

Safe Commercial Pest Control in Muskego

When you choose Spidexx for your commercial pest control needs, you can relax knowing that we’re providing a safe and reliable treatment. Being a small business, we value creating a clean, safe environment for our customers and employees — which is what we help our commercial customers do. We will treat the exterior of your business with a repellant product to prevent new pest problems. If you have interior issues, we’re happy to treat indoors as needed. Muskego’s economic growth means there is a diverse range of industrial, retail, commercial, and residential areas scattered throughout the city. Continued growth in these areas also pushes pest problems indoors to existing homes and businesses. Protect your business today — choose Spidexx!

Cockroach Control in Muskego

Not only do we specialize in preventing common household pests, but we’re expert cockroach exterminators. The most common cockroach you would find in your home is the German Cockroach, which is not found outdoors but actually brought into your home from an outside source. Typically, cockroaches travel on furniture, luggage, and from unit-to-unit in multi-unit buildings.

Signs of a cockroach infestation include:

  • Black fecal matter on baseboards, window frames, and cabinets.
  • Skin castings, which cockroaches shed 5-8 times in their adult life.
  • Ootheca, which are cockroach eggs and measure ½ cm – 1cm in length
  • Live cockroaches – they are nocturnal, so turn on your light at night and you may see them scatter
  • A foul odor

If you suspect you have cockroaches in your home, you need to contact a professional pest exterminator before the issue turns into a severe infestation. If left untreated, cockroach infestations can cause health issues such as asthma, especially for children.

Give us a call at (262) 290-2740 to schedule a cockroach inspection and treatment.

Lake Muskego Mosquito Prevention

With over 2,190 acres of lake to explore, residents of Muskego can often be found boating, fishing, and swimming on Lake Muskego. For fishermen looking to catch dinner, the lake is a perfect getaway stocked with panfish like crappie and bluegill, as well as walleye. If you’re looking to dip into the cool water on a hot summer day, you can visit the public beaches at either Idle Isles Park or Muskego Park.

With any large body of water comes mosquitos, which thrive in humid, wet climates. Our spring-fall mosquito program targets mosquitoes where they live and breed. We apply a light mist to the foliage on your property and return every 3 weeks to re-apply. Enjoy your backyard with Spidexx. If you live around Muskego Lake, then you know it may as well be called “Mosquito Lake”.

Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions (FAQ)

  • How do I prevent wasps?

    Wasps are very difficult, if not impossible, to prevent. They can build nests high on the eaves of homes, and in small crevices around your property. The great thing is that even though we can’t prevent wasps, you have unlimited protection if you’re enrolled in our annual pest maintenance program. We will return at no extra cost to treat and remove (if possible) any wasp or hornet nests on your property.

    We also offer one-time wasp treatments, which will exterminate nests but will not prevent wasps from returning.

  • What type of spiders are in Muskego?

    There are probably thousands of spider species in Muskego. But, some of the most common spider species you will likely encounter include:

    • Common house spider
    • Sac spider
    • Wolf spider
    • Brown recluse spider
    • Orb weaver spider
  • How do I keep mosquitoes out of my backyard?

    The best way to prevent mosquitoes is to target them where they live & breed. Our seasonal mosquito prevention program includes the application of a fine mist over foliage and fence lines on your property. This spray is designed to target mosquitoes, as well as ticks. We return every 3 weeks to re-apply, from April-October.

Choose the #1 Muskego, WI Pest Exterminators

Whether you’re dealing with ants in your bathroom, spiders in your basement, or mice in your garage the top choice for residential and commercial pest control in Muskego is Spidexx Pest. We understand how important it is to keep unwanted insects and rodents out of your home or business. We work hard to get them out, and KEEP THEM OUT. Find out for yourself why Spidexx is the #1 Muskego, WI pest exterminators.