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Spidexx Pest Control provides quick solutions to your problems and free re-treatments whenever you need them. Don’t delay putting an end to carpenter ants, spiders, wasps, mice, bed bugs, cockroaches and other pests. Get Spidexx Pest Control and keep them out for good.

Mouse Control

You can’t always trust what you see. One or two mice usually means a significant problem. Mouse proof your home with our guaranteed Mouse Control Plan. Schedule your inspection HERE.

Carpenter Ant Control

A few carpenter ants inside your home could mean hundreds of ants living inside your walls or thousands living right outside. Winged ant "swarmers" could mean an even bigger problem. Spidexx Pest Control is experienced in solving tough problems like carpenter ants.
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Pest Control

Whether you have ants, spiders, wasps, or other invaders, Spidexx Pest Control can help. We will customize a plan for you that fits both your needs and your budget. Learn More.

Mosquito Control

Rid your yard of annoying and dangerous mosquitoes. Choose a one-time special event treatment or an all season long Mosquito Control Plan.
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Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs control is not for the faint of heart. Homeowners cannot gain control without professional help. That's where Spidexx Pest Control comes in. With our professional and proven methods, we can safely remove bed bugs. Click HERE for more information.

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We are Local

When you Choose Spidexx Pest Control, you choose a local company. As our neighbor, you will always get prompt and courteous service from people who care. We share the same community and love to serve those around us. Let us show you how much we care.

Safe Products

All of our products are designed and labeled for use in hospitals, kennels, daycares, and nursing homes.

Same Day or Next Day Service

We will have a technician at your home for treatment the same day you call or the next business day.

Solutions that fit YOUR needs

Each of our pest control plans is custom built to fit your home, your family, and your unique situation.

The most effective defense against mosquitoes & ticks

How mosquito & tick control work:

  • A service professional inspects and identifies problem areas
  • This service may include treatment of hedges, bushes, ornament beds, turf, mulch, fence / property line, etc.
  • Special products formulated for quick knockdown and residual are applied to key areas, increasing efficacy
  • A repellent barrier is established around the yard and home
  • Once populations are reduced, an ongoing treatment is important to maintain results
  • Mosquito and tick treatment is usually performed at 3 week intervals, May - October