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Pest Control in Des Moines


The Need for an Exterminator in Des Moines, IA

Des Moines, established atop hilly terrain in south-central Iowa, is the capital of Iowa and home to 217,500 residents. It’s a wonderful place to live, being home to amazing contemporary art, thriving farmers’ markets, and some of the best state fairs in the nation. It’s also situated on the bank of the Des Moines River, which drains into local farmland and results in fertile crops. The riverside is beautiful, but residing here means that you might experience a pest problem or two. Pests including mosquitos, spiders, and mice are found in greater numbers near large bodies of water and in moist climates like that of Des Moines.
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To make matters worse, Iowa winters can reach subzero temperatures, driving these pests and critters inside your home as they seek shelter from the cold. Des Moines’s older homes, as well as residences built in dense thickets of trees, are even more at risk of infestation, because many pests eat wood and make their homes in it. The region’s Norway rats, German cockroaches, cluster flies, bed bugs, firewood pests, racoons, bats, and mice can find plenty of places to set up camp for the winter inside your home without you ever seeing them. Fortunately, an exterminator in Des Moines is only a phone call away. Spidexx is here for all your Iowa pest control needs.

Reviews from Happy Spidexx Customers

“Every detail was perfect!”

“Every detail was perfect! From the initial call to the same-day service, we could not be happier. I love that this product is safe around family, and even more, I love the warranty it comes with. Thanks!”

— Ashley F.

“Would highly recommend this service to anyone!”

“Brad was the best! Truly above and beyond service. It was the initial visit, so he dug into all the nooks and crannies. Super friendly and attentive to detail. Really, really appreciated the work he did inside and outside of the house. He took his time to address all my concerns and our known ‘trouble spots.’ Would highly recommend this service to anyone!”

— Sandy L.

“We made the switch from Terminix to Spidexx and will never look back!”

“We made the switch from Terminix to Spidexx and will never look back! The small business customer service we received can’t be beaten! We had the nicest technician. Cameron helped us with our ant problem. We are so thankful for his friendly service and expertise. We now have peace of mind that our house is pest-free and know that we can count on Spidexx’s continued service to keep us protected year-round!”

— Kassia Q.

“Bugs are gone!”

“I had ants coming in and wasps return, and Spidexx came right out and took care of it. I have loved their service and quality. Bugs are gone!”

— Shannon B.



Iowa Pest Control Services

There is no offseason for pest control in Des Moines. Whether it’s warm or cold outside, insects and rodents will continue looking for ways into your house. That’s why Spidexx provides a comprehensive range of pest control services. We offer one-time treatments, maintenance contracts, and seasonal services that will help you handle any-sized pest problem. So whether you’re combating spring insects, fall rodents, or a simple anthill on your property, get in touch with us.

While you might not mind encountering a bug or two in your house, staying on top of pests with help from a professional Des Moines exterminator ensures that the occasional ant never becomes a colony. Keep the creepy crawlies at bay by nipping the problem in the bud early on and save yourself property damage health problems. Spidexx can even provide you with preventative maintenance services that will make it less likely to develop a problem in the first place!

All of our work is backed by the Spidexx Ultimate Protection Guarantee. This doesn’t promise that you won’t see any pests in-between treatments, but it does ensure that, if you do, we’ll be there to handle the problem. Take advantage of our Des Moines pest solutions and make your home or business a healthier, safer place for everyone to be.

Protect Your Des Moines Property

Spidexx is ready to defend your biggest asset from the peskiest pests in Iowa. Make us your go-to exterminator in Des Moines, IA. We offer free quotes, so give us a call now at (515) 200-2668 and find out how affordable it can be to receive pest control treatment and pest prevention services. You can also fill out our contact form for any inquiries you may have.