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Lincoln’s Best Local Pest Control Company

There’s no question if Spidexx is the best pest control company serving Lincoln, Nebraska and surrounding cities. We’re a top choice for residents looking for an experienced exterminator, because we provide a customer-tailored solution to your home – backed by our Spidexx Ultimate Protection Guarantee. Our guarantee makes sure that if there’s a pest issue in your home, we’re always just a call away for a free-spot treatment between maintenance services. Lincoln, Nebraska’s capital city has a bustling economy, resulting in expanding residential and commercial developments.

Due to the over 125 parks and 133 miles of trails, residents in Lincoln can expect to see large amount of pest activity in their neighborhoods. Additionally, the several lakes, rivers creeks scattered throughout the area tend to increase mosquito and spider problems in the backyard. These parks and trails provide endless opportunities for locals and visitors to explore the natural beauty of this area, but they can increase pest issues. Additionally, with the growth of the area, new developments disrupt nesting patterns of pests. Whether your home is brand new, or several decades old, you may experience pest issues both in and around your home. We understand that each community and household, both have their own unique set of pests issues. We are prepared to tackle whatever issues you’re home has, and strive to be the top choice for insect control company for Lincoln, Nebraska residents.  

Five Star Reviews from Happy Spidexx Customers

Marjorie M. five-star-rating

“Ants came on early and strong this year and I was sick of fighting off ants from years past and gave Spidexx Pest Control a call. During my phone call it was reiterated that this wouldn’t be a quick fix and I would continue to see ants for the first little bit. A technician came out the next day and was very professional. He answered all my questions, made me feel comfortable as he walked through my less than spotless house, and I appreciated his attentiveness to my two-year-old daughter. My little one was very inquisitive and he let her observe until he placed the bait where he kindly asked me to distract her so she didn’t see where he placed it so she wouldn’t play with it later. I immediately saw a decrease in ants, yea! After two weeks I felt like they were starting to increase again. I gave the office a call and they had someone come out the next day at no charge and I mentioned spiders in the home so he treated my home for spiders this time too. So glad I don’t have to battle ants this year and looking forward to less spiders as well!”

Jules G. five-star-rating

“What an amazing experience! This company is amazing. The customer service over the phone was the way it SHOULD be– courteous, great listening skills and very effective communication about what the options were and really took her time to explain everything. I was so thrilled they were able to schedule us today to take care of our wasp and hornet problem. When Mike arrived, he was equally courteous and really went above and beyond what I was expecting. He took care of every potential area around our house. He also knocked down spiderwebs and essentially washed my house! I really appreciated being able to call them for a one-time service without having to sign up for a service contract- but I will definitely call them again! These are great people who do a great job.”

Libby M. five-star-rating

“’I’ve used Spidexx 2 times now, for different needs. Lizzie is amazing to work with over the phone, she has great cust serv skills and is a joy to speak with. She listens and has knowledge! Both times they came out, Dave last year and Mike today, both men were very courteous and were willing to explain everything they did and answered my questions. Wasps and Carpenter Bees take a hike! Thank you Spidexx! You are my go to for pests and pest control.”

Jenna M. five-star-rating

“We just switched from Terminex and had our first treatment (the guy literally just left). SO much more personable and thorough. I was very impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail in and out of the house. He even checked our kids playset for wasps. Very happy with our switch so far.”

Lincoln’s History and Demographics

Prior to the colonization of the west by American settlers, the area was covered in buffalo grass, and inhabited by indigenous tribes such as the Pawnee, Great Sioux Nation, and Lakota. The Pawnee tribes lived along the banks of the Platte River, and the other tribes traveled into the state for hunting. There were still wild buffalo located in Lincoln up until the 1860s.

In 1856 the village of Lancaster was formed, and situated along the east bank of the Salt Creek, which was the beginning of founding of modern day Lincoln. The salt mines attracted settlers and business men to the area. In the fall of 1859, villagers formed the county of Lancaster, and the first official plot of land was created in 1864. Within 4 years, the population had reached 500 people. A year later, in 1869 the city became incorporated and its name changed to Lincoln. In that same year, the University of Nebraska was founded within the city, which largely contributed to the cities growth over the next century.

In 1867, Nebraska became a state, and the previous capital [Omaha] was no longer the location of the majority of the states residents, who resided south of the Platte River, near Lincoln. The state changed the capital to Lincoln in the same year, despite many confederate citizens lack of approval for President Lincoln. Over the next several decades, the city worked hard to establish government agencies in Lincoln, and the populations have continued to grow over the years.

The city of Lincoln takes up a total of around 94 square miles, 92 mi of which are land and just under 2 mi are water. It’s one of the few major cities not located on either the Missouri or Platte River in the state; however it is located nearby along the Salt Creek. The growth of the city has affected wildlife such a the Salt Creek Tiger Beetle, which became an endangered species in 1990. The city has continued to grow, and work towards reducing its population’s effect on the natural habitat of the area.

There are currently around 280,000 residents in Lincoln, and a median household income around $55,000 annually. The majority of the areas economy comes from service and manufacturing industries. Some of the largest employers in the area include the State of Nebraska, Lincoln Public School District, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Bryan Health, and Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center. A growing economy brings new developments, which disrupt natural pest activity and can increase issues to new homeowners.

Activities in Lincoln, NE

In addition to a rich history and growing economy, there are several interesting and educational activities to do in Lincoln. If you’re looking to dig deep into history, the Museum of American Speed or Lincoln’s Children’s Museum are great places to start. You can take a stop at the Nebraska State Capital, and learn more about the history of the state, and its forming of the capitol in Lincoln. There are several recreation and park areas, such as the Sunken Gardens, Lincoln Children’s Zoo, Holmes Park & Lake, Antelope Park and more!

If you’re interested in sports, catch a game at Haymarket Park or the Pinnacle Bank Arena. For night owls, stop by the Boiler Brewing Company, the Starlight Lights, or the Other Room to enjoy a drink and a meal with friends. There’s never a shortage of fun in Lincoln, leaving zero time to worry about pest control in the home. That’s why resident trust the experts at Spidexx to take the worry out of pest control.

The Spidexx Team is Here to Tackle Your Pest Issues

At every part of your experience working with Spidexx, you will be greeted by a knowledgeable, friendly member of our team. Our in-house staff are trained to diagnose pest issues over the phone, by asking questions to help point our trained technicians in the right direction from the start. Our technician will complete a full inspection at the first service, and provide you will details about the activity in and around your home. We understand that each home brings its own unique set of pest issues, and we’re willing to go the extra mile to make sure your homes issues are addressed. We’re always just a call away from solving your pest issues!

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Call our local office at (402) 850-2117 to schedule your first service, which will include a full inspection of your home for pest activity. Otherwise you can request a quote online. We pride ourselves in providing five star service to all our customers, and going above and beyond to ensure pest issues are handled effectively and quickly. It’s easy to see why we’re the top choice for local pest control services by Lincoln residents.