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Lannon, WI Pest Control

If you are tired of struggling to handle ants, wasps, spiders, and mice by yourself, look no further than the experts at Spidexx Pest Control! We specialize in safe, effective residential and commercial Lannon, WI pest control solutions. Whether you’re dealing with common pests like spiders, centipedes, stink bugs, and crickets, or struggling with bed bugs, cockroaches, or fleas, see for yourself why we’re rated 5 stars by your neighbors. Whether your pest problems are big or small, recent or longstanding, see for yourself why Spidexx is the #1 choice for pest control in Lannon!

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Common Pests

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Lannon, WI: Built on Solid Ground

Nestled 25 miles northwest of Milwaukee is the small village of Lannon. With just over 1,100 residents, the village is small but has plans for growth with new housing and commercial developments in progress. But industry is nothing new to Lannon.

In the 1830s, the area began to be settled by Irish immigrants, among them Isaac Howard. In 1838, he opened the first quarry in Lannon. This stone was used to build homes in the area and by 1855, more than a dozen quarries were shipping stone to Milwaukee in wagons. In 1890, the Bug Line Railroad was built in order to ship stone more efficiently. This has since been converted to the beautiful Bug Line Trail which runs through the town.

After World War II, the stone industry moved toward by-products such as ornamental landscaping rock, before production tapered off and the area was converted into a fishing lake and swimming beach. Today, the area is part of Menomonee Park. Filled with hiking trails and paved forest trails, water-loving thrill seekers can even scuba dive in Lannon Quarry!

Lannon has another long-standing community passion: baseball. In 1922, the Land O’Lakes League was created and Lannon has won more League Grand Championships than any other Waukesha community team. In 2001, a historical marker was erected proclaiming Lannon as the “Amateur Baseball Capital of Waukesha County”.


“…very courteous and professional…”

“Mike was very courteous and professional. He reminded me that if I see any activity, I can call to have someone come out to treat again at no additional charge.”

– Lori D.

“…catered to my needs and saw results…”

“Loved the service, catered to my needs and saw results. Anyone looking for a great company to take care of the bugs should definitely go with them.”

– Joe S.

“…Very professional…”

“Very professional and cleaned spider webs as well which is my least favorite thing to do.”

– Jody J.

Lannon Residential Pest Exterminators

Whether you have a new home, an old home, or a clean home, you will deal with pests at some point. Stink bugs may try to make their way into your home in fall, spiders lurk in basements and garages in winter, scout ants look for food sources in spring, and summer brings out wasps. We work with you to create a customized treatment plan for your home, because we know that no two homes are the same or have the same pest problems. At Spidexx, we apply a pest-proof barrier around your home to keep you protected year-round. We are the #1 choice for Lannon homeowners because of our year-round service, unlimited retreatments, safe product application, and friendly knowledgeable staff.

Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions (FAQ)

  • Where do bugs go in the winter?

    Unfortunately, out of sight does not mean out of mind during the winter for insects. Many types of insects overwinter in the wall voids of your home, so you cannot see them but they are keeping warm inside the areas between your walls. A few insects that do this are stink bugs and ants. Spiders are actually active the entire year, choosing to hide in out-of-the-way places like basements. Fortunately, our year-round services help protect you even during the winter months.

    We understand the behaviors of these pests. They all need water, so we perform a wall-injection treatment during your winter service that provides an extra level of protection around kitchen and bathroom sinks. Pests congregate at water sources. In addition to interior service, we apply the exterior pest-proof barrier, which strengthens over time. The preventative barrier persists into spring as other insects awaken and emerge. Even if you may not see any activity, Spidexx makes sure that continues to stay true by targeting insects at their unseen sources.

  • What can I do to keep wasps out of my yard?

    Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to preventing wasps from flying into your yard. The best way to tackle wasps in your yard is to rely on Spidexx for annual pest management. If wasps come back between visits, you’re always protected–just give us a call and we’ll come back out to take care of them! But there are a few precautions you can take in order to reduce the amount of wasps you see in the first place.

    First, if you have a wooden deck, you are more likely to see wasps around. This is because wasps love to build their nests on the textured wood, as well as chew the wood to build them. You can beautify your backyard while helping guard against wasps by staining or finishing your deck, giving them less desirable places to build their nests.

    If you love to enjoy food and drinks outside, this may also be attracting wasps. They are looking for food to forage and bring back to their nest–it doesn’t matter whose food it was first! Try keeping food covered or putting it back inside while you are not eating. If you spill, clean it up immediately so as not to attract more wasps. Combining these tips with our services will help you reclaim your yard from wasps this year!

  • How long does pest control take to work?

    There is no easy answer for this, because it depends on several factors. The type of insect you are dealing with as well as the severity of the infestation both come into play. We perform follow up treatments at different rates depending on what pest you are dealing with.

    Ants, stink bugs and spiders, for example, can all benefit from 2-week follow-up treatments to break up the egg cycles of new generations. The longer an ant colony has been established, the more re-treatments may be needed. Certain ant species, such as wood-destroying carpenter ants, are more aggressive and may require even more follow-ups to fully eradicate the colony.

    If you are dealing with wasps or yellowjackets, we recommend a 2-5 day follow-up if you still notice activity, as these insects can be very aggressive. Even if we treat and remove the nest, they may come back and start rebuilding right next to where the nest was previously. If you notice this happening, give us a call so we can send a technician out for a free re-treatment.

    As the seasons change, different pests emerge, but your services have you protected year-round. Our quarterly recurring treatments build a pest-proof barrier around your home and the longer you use our service, the more effective the barrier becomes. You will see fewer pests over time. But for anything that does make it past the barrier between treatments, we are always happy to come back out and re-treat the affected area for no charge!

Commercial Pest Exterminators in Lannon, WI

No matter the industry, as a business owner you want to foster a clean and safe work environment for your employees and customers. At Spidexx, we apply the same custom tailored approach to businesses, knowing that every business has different needs which can vary by industry. With Lannon’s commitment to continued economic growth, pests can get trapped in new or redeveloped buildings, and it can be very overwhelming as a business owner.

Different industries have different pests to worry about–restaurants deal with cockroaches, while a flea infestation can quickly spell trouble for a kennel. We treat many kinds of businesses and are familiar with the different challenges they present, and we offer flexible scheduling including evenings and weekends.

Whether you run a warehouse, restaurant, office, school, or other type of business, you can rely on Spidexx’s commitment to keeping your workplace pest-free.

Call (262) 290-2740 for a commercial pest inspection.

Safe Pest Solutions

At Spidexx, we pride ourselves on our pest control, but there is something we place above even that–the safety of our customers, their families and businesses. Whether you’re dealing with a wasp nest in your yard or cockroaches in the kitchen, our technicians use industry-leading products and techniques that are designed with your safety in mind. Our products are used in daycares, hospitals, and kennels, so you can trust that we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to your safety. Once our application dries, it is pet and child safe. Our licensed technicians always follow the proper levels for safe applications of indoor and outdoor treatment–so you can relax in the safety that only Spidexx provides.

Top Quality Lannon, WI Pest Control

Whether you are looking for pest control for your home or business, look no further than Spidexx! We are the #1 locally-operated pest control company in Lannon because of our affordability, custom-tailored treatments, and professionalism. Our services are backed by the Ultimate Protection Guarantee, which means that if you ever experience issues between your services you are protected. Just call us and we will send out a technician at no cost to make it right. It’s easy to see why Spidexx is your #1 choice for safe, reliable Lannon, WI pest control.