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Quality Pest Control in La Vista, Nebraska


Anxious about ants? Raging at roaches? Miserable from mice? Have you been asking yourself questions like, “Why are ants in my house?” and, “Why are there so many wasps in my yard”? Spidexx Pest Control is here to help! We’re here to serve you and your family in the wonderful town of La Vista. With over a decade of experience in pest control, our Seasonal Protection Program, backed by our Ultimate Protection Guarantee, can serve every possible need you may have when it comes to pest control. We’re one of the best rates pest control companies in the Greater Omaha Metro, with 4.8 stars on Google! If you’re living in Nebraska, then you understand that each season comes with its own unique set of challenges, and pest control isn’t any different.  We focus on different pests and treatments, depending on the time of year. Whether we’re focusing on rodents pest control, or keeping insects out of your home, we take the worry out of pest control.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to provide you with a service that helps take the worry out of pest control. If you see a common household pest at any time during the Seasonal Protection Program, just give us a call and we will come out, free of charge, for re-treatments whenever you need us. We understand that not every home is the same and that not every household deals with the same pests. Our technicians are there to help answer questions you have relevant to your home; and leave you at ease when we leave your home – knowing that you’re home is protected by Spidexx.  We offer local pest control services, backed by the Spidexx Ultimate Protection Guarantee.

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The City of La Vista

Located just minutes from downtown Omaha, La Vista is a rapidly-growing city, offering the all the amenities and culture of its larger neighbor while still maintaining that desirable small-town feel. With a rapidly-growing population of over 15,000 people, this is a city on the move. It was incorporated in 1960. It’s bordered by Omaha and Ralston on the north, Bellevue on the east, Papillion on the south, and Interstate I-80 to the west.

La Vista’s name is Spanish for “The View,” a name that described the breathtaking views of the Big Papio Creek Basin that the city’s earliest residents were able to enjoy. These days, La Vista’s citizens are more likely to enjoy views of air traffic from nearby Offutt AFB and Eppley Airfield. La Vista is home to offices for companies such as Paypal and HP Computers, and is the future site of the massive Nebraska Multi-Sport Complex.

Downtown Omaha is only a short 15 minute drive from La Vista. There you can explore what this larger city has to offer, including art, dining, music, and more! Some of Omaha’s top attractions include the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, Lauritzen Gardens, Durham Museum, and the Omaha Children’s Museum. Or if you prefer the small town life, then look no farther than La Vista for its quaint small town feel.

La Vista is one of the fastest-growing cities in the state of Nebraska. New developments and new subdivisions can encroach on existing pest habitats, bringing them into your yard and ultimately into your home. If you have a new home – or an old home – and are experiencing problems with mice, wasps, ants, spiders, or any other common pests, Spidexx is here to help.


The Spidexx Seasonal Pest Control Program

Every season brings along with it new pests and new challenges. The winter cold can drive mice into your walls and home. Ant control is essential in the spring, when they’re most active and seeking shelter to avoid the rain. The summer heat doesn’t just mean picnics and baseball games – it also means that maintaining a mosquito treatment for yard will help give your family more time to outdoor your outdoor living space. Wolf spiders and Boxelder bugs bug control becomes a priority as they begin to find their way into home when fall rolls around. In winter,  even though it’s freezing outside, you may be asking yourself, “Why are there so many spiders in my house?”. These are things that every homeowner will encounter at some point, and it will help reduce pest activity by staying proactive, year round.

That’s why we’ve created the Spidexx Quarterly Pest Control Program. Living in Nebraska, we know you understand that there are different threats for each each season. We tailor our program to specifically address the threats each season brings. Our expert technicians will visit your home every quarter, adjusting their treatments to suit each season’s particular specific pest population. This approach ensures that your home is always prepared for whatever nature and the seasons throw at it – protected by Spidexx and our Ultimate Protection Guarantee.

Additionally, our highly-trained technicians are always available to visit your home to treat any other problems that may arise. We will make as many visits as we have to, and go above and beyond to ensure that your home is protected and pest-free. We understand that different homes require different treatments, and we’re willing to do the work to make sure your home is protected year round. No job is too small or too big, and no pest is more persistent than Spidexx!


Proudly Service La Vista Landlords

Are you a landlord with a rental property in La Vista? We provide full rental property pest inspections that meet the requirements per the city of La Vista for providing a bi-annual rental pest inspection on the property. Our highly skilled and trained technicians know how to spot signs of activity in homes, and we are able to help create a custom tailored solution, should pest control be necessary.


Our Employees

Spidexx Pest Control is locally owned and operated in La Vista and the greater Omaha area. When you call our office, you will speak to a person – a person like you, who understands your needs and what you want from a pest control company. We understand that most people would prefer to work with a locally owned and operated company than a massive, faceless corporation, and that’s why we’re so focused on maintaining our focus on local service. Our employees live alongside our customers, and deal with the same pest control problems as you do at their own homes. We know what you need, and we’re here to help.

In addition to our friendly customer service team, Spidexx Pest Control also boasts an expert, highly-trained crew of pest control technicians who are your resource when they’re at your house. Our team of technicians will guide you through the pest control process in terms you can understand, walking you through each step of your home’s treatment, and answering any and all questions you have about service or pests. Our treatments are safe for you, your children and your pets – as are certified for use in hospitals, kennels, nursing homes, and schools. Our own employees use them in their own homes. You don’t even need to leave your house while our technicians work, and once the treatment is dry, the only things noticing it will be the pests it eliminates. We give you the best treatment available in the easiest and most convenient way possible.


Reviews From Satisfied Customers!


“I highly recommend this company.”

I spent quite a bit of time researching pest management companies before choosing ProActive. We have a dog, hence wanted to make sure solution used wasn’t going to harm our dog. From initial assessment to recurring visits, it’s been great. our technician, is very friendly and professional. He explains what he’s using and how it works. He takes time to check out every area of the basement, bathroom, garage, etc.. They always say people makes the company, and this company has the right people to be successful. I highly recommend this company.

Five Star Rating

Curtis C. – Omaha, NE


“Technician was very friendly and informative, respectful of our time and space.”

Excellent Communication throughout entire process. Problem with Fleas brought in from strays in area of side porch through our 2 cats. It took 3 treatments, no charge after first and only payment. Technician was kept the same each time, to maintain familiarity with our home interior, and problem areas. Technician was very friendly and informative, respectful of our time and space. Problem was very difficult but is completely resolved and no remaining issues whatsoever. I would recommend Spidexx to anyone, and will certainly use them again if any other issues arise.

Five Star Rating

Chuck D. – Omaha, NE


“Couldn’t be happier that we called!”

Couldn’t be happier that we called! Ryan was thorough and approachable on the phone, and the technician was wonderful when he arrived for the visit. He explained everything, responded to all of my questions, was respectful of the house, and I could not have been happier. There is an incredible peace of mind in knowing that you are taking steps to keep out the critters before they take over, and the fact that they offer complimentary visits between scheduled maintenance visits should an issue arise speaks both to their customer service and the quality of their product. Thank you!

Five Star Rating

Sharon G.

Pests in La Vista

La Vista, and the greater Omaha area, are home to many different kinds of household pests. One spilled soda on your kitchen counter can mean a trail of ants that you just can’t get rid of. Carpenter ants will feast for months on decks and older wooden homes. Wasps will find any crook, nook, or covered space and build a colony faster than you would ever think possible. Spiders and roaches are a nearly year-round problems in homes, finding their way in and making your life miserable. Mice will slip in through cracks in your foundation, or chew through building materials, and set up shop in your pantry right under your nose. These pests are not only annoyances – they also bring with them diseases, and many of them can cause allergic reactions.

At Spidexx Pest Control, we have the know-how to make sure that any pests that get into your home don’t stay long, and once we’re done no more pests will want to make their way inside. Each time we come out for a quarterly treatment, we create a barrier around your home, as well as focus on any problem areas indoors. Our technician will make you aware if he finds any damage to the home during visits, as well as entry points for pests.

Call us today at (515) 200-2668 get a quote over the phone, so we can protect your home from invasive pests in the Last Vista area.