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Hartford, WI Pest Extermination

Have you ever found ants in your cupboards and food storage? Not to be confused with “aunts”…we can’t do anything about your mom’s sister sneaking snacks from the pantry. We can, however, absolutely put a stop to six-legged pests with antennae from absconding with your food. We can also take steps to ensure that those same pests, along with their small friends from the rodent family tree, don’t even have the chance to access your food stores in the first place. Our skilled and friendly local technicians are the pest extermination experts of Hartford, WI. Equipped to rid your home of pests of all kinds, they can create peace of mind for you by implementing measures to permanently eliminate and prevent their presence in and/or around your home.

Common Pests

Wolf Spiders


Carpenter Ants


Yellow Jackets






Carpenter Bees


Boxelder Bugs




Stink Bugs



Lady Bugs


The small town of Hartford, Wisconsin is an idyllic suburb of Milwaukee. Located on the shores of Pike Lake, and less than an hour from Lake Michigan, there is ample opportunity for outdoor recreation here. Multiple golf and country clubs cater to those that might want to work on their golf game. The Schauer Arts Center has everything a theater-goer could ask for. There’s even an automotive museum for car enthusiasts. This beautiful community is home to 15,000 neighborly residents. However, it is also home to a number of pests that are less neighborly.

One of these pests is the black widow spider. Famous for killing their mates, the black widow spider doesn’t get along well with humans either. In their venom is a latrotoxin which can cause a great deal of muscle pain, stomach cramps, and tachycardia (spiked heart rate). Mosquitoes are also plentiful in the region and are a nuisance for their tendency to carry diseases, as well as the itchy after-effects of their bites. All of these creatures can put a damper on a person’s ability to enjoy the charms of Hartford, Wisconsin.

In order to combat these and the many other breeds of insects, arachnids, and varmints that can disrupt your safety and peace of mind, reach out to us at Spidexx. We can very effectively eliminate these nuisances and get you back to where you can enjoy your home without worrying about what might be scurrying around inside or outside of it.


The most popular pest extermination service offered by Spidexx and available to the residents of Hartford, Wisconsin is our general pest extermination maintenance program. You can certainly go out and buy a bottle of spray and spot-treat your property when you notice a bug problem. You can also lay out and bait traps for when furry creatures that aren’t welcome come around. However, these are only half-measures and generally rather temporary. What we can provide is a professional, courteous, and well-trained group of local technicians that will continually attend to your needs. Our equipment and proprietary sprays are industry leading. Our pest extermination technicians will arrive at your home and inspect your property for signs of trespass, directly address any pests that are already there, and then spray and/or set traps at all potential points of entry. We will then schedule times to return and touch-up the applied treatments so that your home is protected by a shield from encroaching insects and varmints at all times.

Every customer on our general pest maintenance program will receive:

  1. Your own personal pest control expert who will greet you at your door, with a smile and ready to share their extensive knowledge!
  2. A full inspection of their home or business to identify and locate existing pest activity
  3. Custom-tailored treatment plans that deal with your specific pest issue
  4. Protection backed by the Spidexx Ultimate Guarantee – which means we will come back in-between treatments if any pest activity occurs.
  5. A detailed report after each service that will indicate the products used and in what amounts, findings, where treatments were performed, and any additional follow up information that may be necessary.

Our goal is to create a permanent solution for your pest extermination needs. With our countermeasures in place, your property will be free from harmful and annoying bugs. The possibility for thriving populations of rodents within or outside of your home will be eliminated. We want you to experience the confidence that comes from living in a place where those concerns are no longer present.


Having mice in your home is a problem experienced by many in the United States. You can be one of the few that has that problem reduced to a memory for your home. When mice attempt to scurry inside at all times of year, but especially in the cold, midwestern months, you could have a solution in place. There are a number of different ways that mice might try to make their way inside your house:

  1. Heating and A/C lines
  2. Plumbing lines
  3. Damaged weather stripping

Our technicians employ a three-step process to mitigate all mouse related pest problems. They receive detailed training to identify potential points of entry, and then take steps to ensure that those points of entry are not entered. The spaces that are able to be sealed, are. Mice remaining in the home will be attracted by bait and trapped.

Some spots may not be accessible to technicians, such as under a very low porch or in the very narrow spaces between a home and a storage shed. In those locations we will place baited traps to ensure that mice won’t have the freedom to roam and probe for places where they can create new points of entry into your home. We have the knowledge, the skills, and the equipment to keep mice out of your living space!


  • How can you help with wasps?

    Not just defined by their painful stings, wasps are also known for being annoyingly resilient. They will ordinarily make their nests high and in crevices that aren’t easily visible. Because of this, they can sometimes be hard to find and even more difficult to eliminate. Thankfully, our perimeter treatment is still quite effective against them. If you are a member of our annual pest maintenance program, you have the benefit of recurring maintenance to help deal with the problems they present on an unlimited basis. If you have a recurring problem, we will return–at no extra cost–to directly exterminate any wasp nests you might find between maintenance applications and treatments.

  • What can you do about mosquitoes?

    The answer: A lot. Mosquitoes are a uniquely frustrating problem, but our Spidexx pest extermination experts have all the solutions. Historically, mosquitoes are known for carrying diseases. They can carry everything from Zika and West Nile Virus to malaria and yellow fever. They also have a deeply annoying habit of leaving their mark on your body in the form of itchy bites. Our mosquito control service deals with all of that. Our pest extermination experts will spray the perimeter of your property to create a barrier that will dissuade mosquitoes from entering. The treatment works best on properties that have high bushes or a fence for the solution to “stick” to. However, even if those property features aren’t present, a fine mist of liquid mosquito deterrent will be reapplied every three weeks.This way there is a constant barrier, preventing mosquitoes from entering your property. In order to eliminate mosquitoes already on your property, treatment will be applied in the places where those insects might nest or breed.

  • Can my bushes and garden be protected from insects?

    Japanese Beetles are notorious for destroying gardens and crops. The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug has gained a lot of ground as an invasive species to Wisconsin. There are any number of crawling and winged things that thrive by wreaking havoc on the growing things that might be on your property. All of those things have something else in common, however. They are all easily dealt with by our pest extermination experts. Much like the mosquito abatement we offer, an outdoor mist of solution is applied to the plants and growing things on your property. While not dangerous to the plants themselves, this solution is very dangerous to the insects that would damage them.

Pest problems are no fun, but whatever pest issues you might have in Hartford, WI, our pest extermination experts at Spidexx have a solution for you!