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Pest Control Grafton, WI

It’s easy to see why Spidexx is the #1 solution for residential and commercial pest control in Grafton. Whether you are struggling with stink bugs or riddled with rodents, look no further than Spidexx for local, affordable pest control solutions. We are experts in controlling common pests like wasps, ants, and spiders as well as professional extermination for fleas, cockroaches, and bedbugs. No matter what you are dealing with, our custom approach to treatment and our professional pet and child safe application methods will keep you protected year-round!

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Common Pests

Wolf Spiders


Carpenter Ants


Yellow Jackets






Carpenter Bees


Boxelder Bugs




Stink Bugs



Lady Bugs

Grafton: “Quality Of Life, Naturally”

Located only 20 minutes north of Milwaukee, Grafton offers beautiful coastline views of Lake Michigan to the east while the Milwaukee River flows through the entire town. With so much flowing water, it is no wonder one of the first major businesses in the mid-1800s was a sawmill built by James Gifford, the area’s first settler. Huge steamer ships needed large amounts of wood, and his sawmill was built to meet that need. Several years later, using charcoal from felled trees, he helped lay down the road that would become Wisconsin’s first turnpike and is now State Highway 60/County Highway Q.

However, after the Civil War much of the wood was depleted, and the once-thriving port gave way to other types of mills. Decades later, Paramount Records opened a studio in Grafton in 1929, and the iconic recordings made there earned it a spot on the Mississippi Blues Trail–one of the few locations outside the American South. In the late 1980s the last mill closed, but Grafton’s economy is now powered by jobs in retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. Its 11,000 residents enjoy a small-town feel with many dining and shopping opportunities, as well as 17 parks and the endless opportunities of nearby Lake Michigan.

Happy Customer Reviews

“…The technician servicing our house was very polite…”

“The technician serving our house was very polite, asked about any issues we were experiencing, and visited with us after his service to assure us that everything was taken care of to our satisfaction.”

– Roy. M

“…We look forward to a continuing relationship…”

“Professional!!!! Reliable!!!! So conscientious!!!Very, very rare these days and times. So being “older” couple, these qualities are soooo appreciated 🙏🙏🙏 We look forward to a continuing relationship.”

– Bobbette L.

“…Keep the creepy crawlers away…”

“Always on time, polite and pleasant. They explain any issues they find such as wasp nests in the summer months. Keep the creepy crawlers away.”

– Karen J.

Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions (FAQ)

  • My quarterly service was last month–why do I still have wasps?

    Especially during summer and fall, wasps are actively foraging and they can become very aggressive. We remove all nests we can reach and we chemically deactivate the ones we cannot knock down. Even still, stubborn wasps may begin building a new nest right beside the old one. For these reasons, you may still need a 2-5 day follow-up for wasps. These follow-up treatments are included in your service plan for no additional charge–simply give us a call and we’ll be back out within a few days to re-treat the areas where you are still seeing wasps.

  • How can I prevent pests around my home?

    The single best way to prevent pests is to use a professional pest control company for regular maintenance. In addition to Spidexx protecting your home, here are a few additional steps you can take:

    1. Minimize standing water and keep gutters clear to ensure everything is draining properly. Standing water breeds mosquitoes, and can attract other insects and rodents as a water source.
    2. Inspect and repair or replace window screens and weatherstripping around your home. A small hole in your window screen is an open door to a stink bug, and mice can squeeze through a hole as small as a pencil. Regular inspection is key to preventing unwanted pests.
    3. Keep trees and shrubs trimmed 6” away from your home. Rodents or insects can climb up through trees or shrubs to enter your home at points you weren’t expecting. In addition to keeping your yard beautiful, you’re keeping your home safe.
  • How can I stop being bitten by mosquitoes?

    With Lake Michigan bordering to the east and the Milwaukee River winding through the entire town, residents of Grafton are no strangers to these itchy annoyances. And with their ability to spread diseases like West Nile Virus, mosquitoes are more than an annoyance. Spidexx’s mosquito services run from April to October, and we apply a fine mist every 3 weeks that targets foliage and fence lines–where mosquitoes live and breed. Or, if you are having an outdoor event, we also offer one-time mosquito treatments.

Residential Pest Control in Grafton

Whether you have wasps building nests in your eaves or spiders spinning webs in your basement, look no further than Spidexx Pest Control! Our custom tailored approach to your pest issues takes the hassle out of pest control for your home. Brookfield residents can rely on Spidexx to maintain a protective pest barrier around your home year-round to deter new pest activity. And if you do experience any activity indoors, our worry-free guarantee means we will re-treat the area at no extra charge! Simply give us a call and we’ll come back out and tackle the issue.

Commercial Pest Control in Grafton

Just as no two homes have the exact same pest control needs, Spidexx understands that each business requires its own unique approach to pest control. We are experts in exterminating rodents, as well as spiders and ants which are commonly dealt with by business owners. We are experts in rodent prevention, using a preventative approach designed to deter mice from entering your business year-round. No matter what your business is dealing with, you will soon see why business owners rely on Spidexx for commercial pest control.

Mouse and Vole Extermination in Grafton

Mice and voles are common rodents that business and home owners deal with. Voles tend to stay outside of structures, preferring to chew through grass roots as they make tunnels or “runs” through the yard. During the winter when food is scarce, voles may forage around the foundation of a home. Mice, on the other hand, are far bolder. They squeeze their small bodies into holes the size of a pencil in order to make their way into a structure and reproduce. Whichever you are dealing with, we at Spidexx are experts in mouse and vole identification, baiting, and extermination.

Safe Grafton Pest Control

At Spidexx, we know how seriously you take your family’s safety. The products we use are safe for children and pets, and our licensed and insured technicians are expertly trained in applying them. Whether you need local, affordable pest control for your business or home in Grafton, look no further than Spidexx Pest Control! If you have any questions about the products we use in and around your home, contact us online or call our customer care team at (844) 922-7732.

Our Guarantee

Choosing Spidexx means you’re covered by our Ultimate Protection Guarantee. If you are experiencing pests in between your scheduled quarterly services, please call us anytime and we will work to make it right.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

  1. Your friendly professional technician will answer any questions you have and perform a thorough inspection of your business or home.
  2. By asking you questions about what pests you have seen and where, our expert technician will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan.
  3. Our initial service is a thorough inside-and-out treatment. We identify problem areas and treat those in addition to common living areas, your basement and garage, and other storage areas.
  4. We apply a repellent barrier around the outside of your home or business, focusing on common entry points like the foundation as well as window and door frames.
  5. We treat and remove any wasp nests we can reach, and also remove spider webs from around the outside of your home or business.
  6. Once your technician has completed your service, you will receive an email breakdown with which pests we treated for in which areas, as well as any recommendations for follow-up treatment if needed.

Between visits, if you are still experiencing pest activity, we will come out and re-treat the area until the issue is resolved. The frequency and number of follow-ups will vary depending on the pest and its severity, but we are here for you every step of the way. Choose Spidexx — the safest and most reliable pest control in Grafton, WI.

Worry-Free Pest Control in Grafton

Make pest problems a thing of the past! Take a proactive approach to residential or commercial pest control when you choose Spidexx. It doesn’t matter whether you have ants in your bathroom, spiders in your closets, or mice chewing the electrical wires in your home – we tackle your tough pest problems. Rest assured that your loved ones are safe, when they’re protected by Spidexx. We specialize in providing customized pest solutions for common pests like spiders, wasps, and carpenter bees, as well as the pests no one wants to talk about…cockroaches, bed bugs, and fleas. We take the worry out pest control in Grafton, WI.