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One of Benjamin Franklin’s most famous quotes was regarding guests that become unwanted after three days. In that scenario, at least the guests were presumably “wanted” at some point. What, then, do you do if you have unwanted guests at all times? Well, if they have six legs, eight legs, or are covered in fur but aren’t your pets, you need to make an appointment with the the #1 choice for Germantown, WI pest control — Spidexx Pest Control. Regardless of the type or the quantity of your particular unwanted guests, we will create a custom solution for you. Because our company is locally operated, Spidexx technicians have regional knowledge to combine with their top-notch training and equipment. The end result is that your pest problems will quickly be turned into a thing of the past by our friendly, insured, and fully-licensed pest control professionals.

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Common Pests

Wolf Spiders


Carpenter Ants


Yellow Jackets






Carpenter Bees


Boxelder Bugs




Stink Bugs



Lady Bugs


Just a few years ago, CNN Money made a list of the top 100 “Best Places to Live”. The goal was to highlight “…smaller places that offered the best combination of economic opportunity, good schools, safe streets, things to do and a real sense of community.” Settling snugly inside the top half of that list, at #30, was Germantown, WI.

Less than a half-hour from the shores of Lake Michigan, and just a stone’s throw from Milwaukee, Germantown is a wonderful home to its approximately 20,000 residents. In the winter months, anglers will find joy in the many ice fishing holes near Germantown. In the sunnier times of year, many residents and visitors enjoy golfing, biking and walking trails, and the natural beauty of The Badger State. Germantown is simply a place that will win you over.

However, due to the fact that Germantown experiences a variety of seasons, it also means that the life cycles of a variety of pesky insects are supported in connection to those seasons. What we offer are proven ways to mitigate those threats. In doing so, we hope to provide the opportunity for the participating residents of Germantown to enjoy the best of their wonderful community, while avoiding the things that might detract from their respective pursuits of happiness.


“…Casey does a super job…”

“My 5 star rating is for Casey, who was professional and knowledgeable while here. He asks to make sure service has been good and wants to know if we’ve had any evidence of pests since last application. He always reminds me of the free additional apps if I should feel like we need it. Casey does a super job.”

– Laura F.

“…We’ve been using Spidexx since moving here three years ago…”

“We’ve been using Spidexx since moving here over three years ago and haven’t been disappointed. Last year, we weren’t home for our scheduled visit, and they gladly returned to spray the inside at a later date.”

– John F.

“…Left us with a sense of no worries…”

“Knowledge, friendly, and pleasant personality. Also very quick at his job. Left us with a sense of no worries about bugs invading our home.”

– Pam S.


The most popular service Spidexx offers in Germantown is the general pest maintenance program. While, initially, this program will attack the bugs and rodents that might currently be harming your peace of mind, it’s the maintenance that will ensure your problem stays solved. The treatment applied to your property will be thorough, expertly deployed, and extremely effective. This applies to both inside your home and outside of it, while paying special attention to the foundation and all possible points of entry. The barrier that will be formed against tiny, unwanted trespassers will then be regularly touched up to ensure that your home remains off-limits to them.

Every general maintenance treatment includes:

  1. A professional pest expert will greet you at your door with a smile and ready to share their expertise and knowledge.
  2. We start with a full inspection of your home or business to identify points of entry and existing pest problems.
  3. We ask you questions to create your customized treatment plan, designed specifically for your home or business.
  4. Protection backed by our Ultimate Guarantee – you have unlimited emergency treatments if needed.
  5. A post-service summary that explains what pests we treated for, where we treated, and specific products we used.

The goal of our general pest maintenance program is to turn your home into a place where you can be free from the worry and aggravation associated with pest problems. With our solutions in place, you will have the peace of mind to freely enjoy the comfort of your home and the charms of Germantown. We want you to feel confident that you can get food from your cupboards and not find ants or mouse leavings in it. We are the experts at taking the steps necessary to prevent all the various types of venomous spiders from finding rest within (or immediately outside of) your walls. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction by keeping your pest problems solved.


The possibility of mice wandering into homes, either in search of food or warmth is a possibility virtually anywhere in North America. In a place like Wisconsin, where cold weather is common, that likelihood only increases. Mice can make their way inside by a number of common entry points:

  1. Heating and A/C lines
  2. Plumbing lines
  3. Danaged weather stripping

In order to address the specific problem of mice inside the home, our skilled technicians will employ a 3-step process to inspect for mouse signs, bait, and then exclude them. Our technicians have extensive training to identify potential points of entry, and then take steps to ensure that they are not entered. The spaces that can be sealed, will be. The mice that remain in the home will be attracted by the bait and trapped.

Our usage of bait allows us to target mice in places that may not be accessible to technicians, such as under a very low porch or in the narrow space between a home and a storage shed. We have the knowledge, the skills, and the equipment to keep mice out of your living space!

Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions (FAQ)

  • How can I protect my garden from bugs that will damage it?

    Whether it’s the Japanese Beetle destroying gardens and crops, the Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs gaining more ground as an invasive species to Wisconsin, or any number of other enemies to foliage, there are a number of outdoor bugs that can put a real damper on something like a garden. If the desire is to avoid any of these, or the poisonous black widow spiders that are also common in the region, the solution is the same. Spidexx is here to help you. With our safe, effective, and consistent methods, we will “secure the perimeter” of your property from these intrusions. Over time, this will help reduce the overall pest populations on your property.

  • Do you have any way to reduce the number of mosquitoes on my property?

    Mosquitoes are an exceptionally aggravating problem, but Spidexx Pest Control has solutions. Mosquitoes are known for carrying diseases; everything from West Nile and Zika to malaria, but they are most often a deeply unpleasant source of itchy bites and general annoyance. With our mosquito control service, we will spray the perimeter of your property to create a barrier that will dissuade mosquitoes from entering. The treatment works best on properties that have high bushes or a fence for the solution to adhere to. Regardless, a fine mist of liquid mosquito deterrent will be applied every three weeks so that there is a constant barrier, preventing mosquitoes from entering your property. Further, to eliminate mosquitoes already on your property, treatment will be applied in the places where the offending insects might nest or breed.

  • Can you deal with wasp infestations?

    Because of where and how wasps make their nests–typically high and in crevices that aren’t easily visible–they can be difficult to find and eliminate. Our perimeter treatment is still quite effective against wasps. That said, wasps are a uniquely resilient species. If you are a member of our annual pest maintenance program, you have the benefit of recurring maintenance to help deal with the problems they present on an unlimited basis. Further, if you have a recurring problem, we will return at no extra cost, to directly exterminate any wasp’s nests you might find between maintenance applications.

Whatever pest problems Germantown, WI throws at you, Spidexx Pest Control has a solution! We’re the experts in Germantown, WI pest control.