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Fox Point, WI Pest Control

From common problems with ants and mice to hard-to-tackle situations with bedbugs and cockroaches – Spidexx is the #1 locally-operated and safe choice for Fox Point, WI pest control. We understand no two situations are the same and strive to create a unique plan to treat your home or business, whether it’s brand-new or lovingly maintained. It’s common to deal with different pests at different times of the year. Spidexx keeps you protected year-round with quarterly treatments to keep your pest barrier active. Our Ultimate Protection Guarantee means we will continue to come back at no additional cost, if you are still experiencing pests between visits.

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Common Pests

Wolf Spiders


Carpenter Ants


Yellow Jackets






Carpenter Bees


Boxelder Bugs




Stink Bugs



Lady Bugs

Fox Point: From Mound Builders to Bird City

Situated only ten miles north of Milwaukee and just off Interstate 43, this small village has a long and rich history. Though Fox Point was officially incorporated in 1926, the land has been inhabited for thousands of years. As early as 1000 BCE, Native American mound-builders were shaping the area and utilizing the seemingly endless forests. But as settlers moved into the area in the 1800s and felled the old-growth forests, the land changed significantly.

The 1840s saw a rise of Dutch settlers, who built the area’s first house, school, and church. The soil was rich in clay, and the settlers used new techniques to be able to grow rye, barley, corn and wheat in the previously untillable soil. The 1870s saw the development of the Lakeshore & Western Railroad, which brought people both in and out of Fox Point. While the German settlers were moving north into a heavily Dutch settlement named Oostburg, wealthy Milwaukee citizens came looking to build summer homes. During that time the area was called “Foxes Point” due to a piece of land jutting out from Doctors Park looking like a fox’s nose. The name was later shortened to Fox Point.

After a population boom post-World War 2, the village boasted nearly 8,000 residents, though its population has been declining since the 1970s. Today, Fox Point occupies nearly 3 square miles of land and is home to around 6,500 residents who enjoy a quiet, residential life on Lake Michigan. In fact, in 2012 Fox Lake successfully achieved recognition as a Bird City of Wisconsin, which is a title given to cities who demonstrate their commitment to conservation of birds and education of residents.


“…I have confidence that my annual mice problem will finally be resolved…”

“Nate was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. I have confidence that my annual mice problem will finally be resolved! I will be requesting Nate for my quarterly service.”

– Deb L.

“…Happy so far…”

“Been using Spidexx since last fall and have had no problems. We live right next to a cornfield and have had no problems with mice or spiders. Happy so far.”

– Michael C.

“…What an amazing experience! The company is amazing…”

“What an amazing experience! This company is amazing. The customer service over the phone was the way it SHOULD be — courteous, great listening skills and very effective communication about what the options were and really took her time to explain everything. I was so thrilled they were able to schedule us today to take care of our wasp and hornet problem. When Mike arrived, he was equally courteous and really went above and beyond what I was expecting. He took care of every potential area around our house. He also knocked down spiderwebs and essentially washed my house! I really appreciated being able to call them for a one-time service without having to sign up for a service contract- but I will definitely call them again! These are great people who do a great job.”

– Jules G.

Affordable Residential Pest Control in Fox Point

Residents of Fox Point are no strangers to common pests like ants in the pantry, spiders on the porch, or mice in the basement. Fortunately, we specialize in safely exterminating these invaders from your home. Our year-round approach to pest control means you’re always protected as we create and maintain a repellent barrier around your home. This is usually enough to prevent pests from entering in the first place. But if you ever have pests that make it through the barrier between services, you are always covered by our Ultimate Protection Guarantee. Just give us a call and we will come back and make it right–at no cost to you!

Customized Commercial Pest Control in Fox Point

Pests can’t tell the difference between a home and a business–fortunately for Fox Point business owners, Spidexx offers uniquely customized commercial treatments!
We provide affordable, safe solutions for business owners in a variety of industries: retail, offices, food service, kennels, storage spaces, and others. Whether you are dealing with mice, spiders, or ants, Spidexx is the #1 choice for local, reliable year-round pest control for your business.

Fox Point, WI Mosquito Control

When you get to Fox Point, it will be hard to miss the largest lake in the United States, Lake Michigan. For Fox Point residents, the prime lakeside location offers endless opportunities to enjoy the “lake life” – from boating to fishing to swimming. Fox Point’s close location to Lake Michigan also means that residents are no stranger to mosquito problems. With the Spidexx mosquito protection plan, you can reclaim your backyard this summer! We target mosquitos where they live and breed – on foliage and fence lines on your property. Our fine mist application ensures that you’re protected all season from pesky and sometimes dangerous mosquito bites.

Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions (FAQ)

  • How can I tell if I have mice in my home?

    Though mice are small nocturnal animals who avoid humans, if they end up inside your home you will probably see or hear a few warning signs. At night, you may hear rustling or skittering noises as mice move within the wall voids of your home. Mice usually get in at the ground level and either squeeze into small gaps in the foundation, or into places where your plumbing, electrical, or A/C lines enter your home.

    Once they do get in, another sign you may see are their droppings. They are small, brown pellets, similar to a grain of rice except smaller. You may find small chewed holes about the size of a dime, or looking at a corner or a wall you may see rub marks. Mice are mostly blind and primarily use their sense of smell, and as the mice rub against the same area repeatedly they create small marks that other mice follow. You may also notice light scratching in highly-traveled areas. If you find any of these signs, remember that there are probably more mice hiding that you cannot see, and contact your expert rodent exterminators at Spidexx.

  • Why do wasps keep flying around and nesting on my deck?

    Decks are great for enjoying time outside grilling, tanning, or gardening. But no one wants wasps buzzing around–or worse, stinging! But why do wasps seem to be attracted to decks? The answer lies in the material: since they are made of wood, wasps like to build their nests on and under them. If your deck is not finished, they may be even more attracted to the wood as they can use its rough surface to better build their nest. Finishing your deck not only makes it look great and keeps it protected against water–it can also help guard against wasps!

    But the wood is not the only thing that they are attracted to. Since wasps are foraging for sugary food and drinks, you are unknowingly attracting them with your drinks and snacks. They take these back to their nests as food for the colony. Removing wasp nests is crucial, but since they can become territorial and aggressive, it is best left to the professionals. Our technicians always treat and remove wasp nests, if they are within reach, during your regular services. When wasps are more active you may need a 2-5 day follow-up. Just give us a call and we’re always happy to come back out at no additional charge!

  • Do I really need pest control all year?

    Well…only if you want to be protected against pests all year! Our products are designed to create, maintain and strengthen a protective pest barrier around your home. The longer your barrier is maintained, the less activity you will see, especially inside. But if anything does make it past the barrier, please give us a call so we can schedule a free re-treatment–they are always available. Even during colder months when you may not see any activity. Insects like ants, spiders and stink bugs are staying warm inside the walls of your home. This is why we always utilize a wall void injection, during the winter service under your kitchen and bathroom sinks, to neutralize any activity as insects search for water sources. Quarterly pest control is the best way for Fox Point homeowners to enjoy a pest-free home year round.

The Spidexx Difference in Fox Point

Residents of Fox Point rely on Spidexx for their pest control needs because of our expert technicians, safe application methods, and friendly customer service. Our local technicians are well-trained in industry-leading removal methods for pests like ants, spiders, wasps, and mice. Enjoy a pest-free home or business when you choose Spidexx for your Fox Point, WI pest control.

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