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Escaping Bed Bugs (Part 2/3)

home-remedies-to-get-rid-of-bed-bugsEarlier this year, we posted the first part of a 3 part series on escaping bed bugs. We highlighted bed bug anatomy and how they’re transferred from location-to-location.  Now in part two, we will explore the stigma around bed bugs, signs of bed bugs in your home, and various treatment methods for their extermination.


The stigma surrounding bed bugs is nearly as hard to get rid of, as bed bugs can be. Bed bugs are associated with uncleanliness and poverty. While bed bugs are commonly found in low income housing units, they’re numbers actually rise in a more thriving economy. This is because bed bugs are parasites that are easily moved from location to location. The better the economy, the more people are traveling, therefore increasing overall bed bug populations.


Due to the stigma around bed bugs, renters are often afraid of telling landlords or other tenants, for fear of being seen as dirty. The reality is that even the cleanest, most expensive homes and hotels, can still find bed bugs have made their way. Don’t let the stigma ever keep you from getting the professional help you will need to get these invasive pests out of your home. 


“close up bed bug with eggs” by louento.pix is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Signs of Bed Bugs in Your Home

There are several signs that bed bugs are present in the home, including:

  1. Blood stains on pillows or sheets.
  2. Black/brown specks in bed seams, or on bed, which are fecal matter.
  3. Live or dead bugs (usually found at night, as bed bugs are nocturnal)
  4. Bites or red marks on the body that show up after sleeping

Treatment for Bed Bugs

There are several different treatment options, the most effective being hiring a pest control expert, who specializes in bed bugs and wall void treatments. Many over the counter products and home remedies to get rid of bed bugs will reduce overall populations. However, unless you have an understanding at targeting bed bugs, and the preparation needed to prevent their spread, the issue will continue to get worse.

Trust the Experts in Bed Bug Control

If you’re looking for an exterminator for bed bugs, look no further than Spidexx Pest Control. Our plan and approach guides you through the entire process, until your home is bed bug free. Get a quote for bed bug extermination today!