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Yellow Jackets


Yellow jackets are another wasp breed. They are very social creatures, living in colonies that may contain thousands of yellow jackets at one time. These colonies can be found under porches or steps, in sidewalk cracks, around railroad tracks, at the base of trees, in low hanging branches, bushes, and on the corners of buildings. They are known to defend their colonies very aggressively. While the males don’t have stingers, the females do and will sting any animal or person that is seen as a threat.


On one hand, yellow jackets are very useful because they’re pollinators and they eat other harmful pests. However, what makes them an especially prominent threat to humans are their habits as scavengers. They love eating meat, fish, and sugary substances and are often seen hanging around garbage bins and picnics. Combine their eating habits with their aggressive behavior and their ability to sting multiple times, and you have a very dangerous summertime pest.

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