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Millipedes are large invertebrates. As the name would suggest, they are in the same family as millipedes, but have more legs. They are found in cool, damp, dark places. They are often found under rocks, in decaying logs, and piles of damp leaves.


Millipedes that are common to North America tend to be brown in color and 2.5 to 4 cm long. Millipedes tend to migrate in the fall to escape the cold and during heavy rains when the soil they live in becomes too flooded and they are at risk of drowning. It is during these migrations that they may find their way into our homes. Although they’re not a pretty sight to look at, they do not cause major structural damage, nor do they pose a real threat to people. Usually the only distinct  sign to alert you to the presence of millipedes in your home is actually seeing a millipede. Many homeowners find millipedes in their basement and crawlspace.

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