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A hornet is actually a type of wasp that is not native to North America. It found its way over here from England and has established roots here in the United States. Hornets like to build their nest in areas that are suspended off the ground. Their nests have been found in treetops, under roofs and decks, in sheds and garages, and even in hollowed out tree trunks. As long as their nest is not at ground level, they’re happy.


Their colonies are highly organized and each worker has a role. The male hornets mate with the queens and die shortly afterward. In temperate climates, a hornet hive is only inhabited for one year. The workers and the season’s queen die off when the temperatures drop in the fall. By this time, there is a new queen established and she lives through the winter by hiding under loose tree bark, in the soil, or even in a man made building.

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