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Earwigs are just about the last insect you would want to see in your bathroom. Their imposing forceps can make people very anxious. In fact, there is an urban legend that claims earwigs earned their name by burrowing into the ears of sleeping humans to lay their eggs. Rest easy, though, because this legend is just that – a legend.Earwigs are often found in areas with water. This includes in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, etc. They tend to wander around and can be seen in family rooms and bedrooms. To manage earwigs it is important to eliminate the places they hide.It can be as easy as doing regularly landscaping. Moving firewood piles, stones, logs, and other items away from the foundation of your home can help with this. You can also trim shrubs and bushes near your home. This reduces the amount of damp area resulting in fewer bugs. Earwigs can invade many different areas in your home. They require several different products to effectively control. Our technicians have these products and the necessary equipment to manage these pests.

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