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While their wings are too small for flight, the male crickets use their wings to make the chirping song that we associate with crickets and warm summer nights. They are nocturnal insects that feed on organic materials such as decaying plants and fungi, though they have also been known to eat other smaller insects. They can be found in fields, beneath rocks and other yard debris. They have compound eyes that allow them to see in many different directions all at once. They are instantly recognizable by their long, flattened bodies and their long antennae.


In many parts of the world, crickets are thought to bring good luck, so much so that it is a widely observed superstition that it is bad luck to kill a cricket that wanders into your home. While one or two crickets in your home will not pose a big problem, it is still a good idea to prevent crickets from getting in and staying in. They have a tendency to chew on whatever they encounter, which can lead to your property becoming damaged. Never store firewood or other organic materials too close to your home. Seal cracks in the outside walls of the home and invest in screen doors and window.

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