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Box Elder Bug Extermination in Des Moines & Omaha


Box Elder Bugs are typically black in color and are marked by red lines on their thorax. They make their homes in ash, maple and box elder trees during the warmer months and begin to migrate into your home when winter approaches. While they don’t cause major structural damage to homes, they are still a nuisance. They are notorious for leaving their droppings everywhere. Their droppings can get on linens, curtains, and upholstered furniture and leave ugly stains. Its best to take precaution against these pests finding a way into your home.


If you choose to plant a box elder tree near your home, plant a male (non seed bearing) tree. The “female” trees are more prone to box elder bug infestations. Eliminate hiding places for these bugs from your property. This can include piles of rocks, wooden boards, piles of leaves, and general debris. If you find them clinging to your outside walls, there is a quick and easy solution to eliminating them. They are susceptible to drowning, so can wash them off the walls and any nearby trees with a strong stream of water from the hose.

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