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Beetles hold the title of being the largest group of living organisms on the planet. In fact, it is believed that 1 out of every 4 living animals on earth is a beetle. This could be because they are sturdy creatures that can survive in almost every climate and environment on the planet. Whether you’re in the forest or a grassland, in a desert or a tundra, or even on the beach, if you look around carefully you are sure to find a beetle hiding somewhere. How can you tell the insect you are looking at is actually a beetle? The most prominent characteristic of a beatle is that they possess two sets of wings- the hardened wings that lay over the abdomen when not in flight, acting as a protective barrier and the membranous softer wings beneath. Apart from their wings, most species of beetles are very distinct from each other. Some beetles are herbivores, some scavengers, and some carnivores. Some have thin, streamlined bodies made for moving through water, while others have long horns and cylindrical body shapes. It is their diversity and adaptability that has allowed the Beetle to thrive throughout the world.

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