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Big Bend, WI Exterminators

The bend of the Fox River that flows through Big Bend, WI, and the resulting change in its direction are how the village got its name. We are expert Big Bend, WI exterminators who specialize in treating tough pest problems. Residents are no strangers to water-loving pests like spiders, mosquitoes, and ants, which can be found in homes, around backyards, and in businesses. Small problems can quickly turn into larger issues. At Spidexx, we are the #1 choice for friendly, safe, affordable pest control in the Big Bend area. Our custom approach to treatment, designed with your pest problems in mind, creates a barrier around your home or business that we reapply and strengthen quarterly. And if you are experiencing problems between applications our Ultimate Guarantee means that we will send a technician back out at no cost to make it right. Enjoy peace of mind in your pest-free home with Spidexx!

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Common Pests

Wolf Spiders


Carpenter Ants


Yellow Jackets






Carpenter Bees


Boxelder Bugs




Stink Bugs



Lady Bugs

Big Bend, WI: Peaceful Living

Located 25 miles southwest of Milwaukee, Big Bend’s 1,200 residents enjoy a quiet and relaxing life. As early as the 1860s, this area was known as the “Saratoga of the West” due to the many pure springs in the area. Thousands of people visited the area’s many bath houses and springs. Many major municipal water sources were tainted at this time, and so the naturally clean and pure spring water was a welcome relief. The springs and bath houses provided natural relaxation, and some people even thought the water had healing properties. One spring, named the Hygeia Spring, is privately owned but the owners allow everyone to enjoy the water.

Today, village residents enjoy a small-town feel, with Milwaukee only half an hour away and full of things to do. In the summer, the community hosts an annual “Rumble by the River” truck and tractor pull in Big Bend Village Park, using the money they raise to keep the park beautiful for future generations.


“…have recommended them to family and friends…”

“Have only had a couple of issues with ants and mice after they were here BUT they came out right away and took care of it. Going on my second year with them and have recommended them to family and friends.”

– Kim E.

“….went above the call of duty…”

“Alex did a wonderful job and went above the call of duty and help me get rid of a nasty shrub so he could get to a colony of ants. He also sprayed and killed a lot of nasty yellow jackets.”

– Michael B.

“…Professional, courteous service…”

“Professional, courteous service. I’m already seeing an improvement in the ant traffic.”

– Sherri A.

Preventing Common Big Bend, WI Pests

A stroll along the Fox River is picturesque–until you walk through a spider web or slap away a mosquito. And who hasn’t enjoyed an afternoon of grilling and relaxing only to be swarmed by ants around a spilled drink? If your children love playing outside on their swing set, the last thing you want is for wasps to be anywhere nearby!

All these pests are common sights to Big Bend residents, and at Spidexx we pride ourselves on skillfully removing all of them. Our licensed technicians understand the best ways to remove all of these species, which vary greatly depending on the insect and its severity. For example, wasps in your childrens’ playset can be very aggressive, and you may find yourself in need of one or more follow up visits. Of course, these are always included in your annual service plan, so you are protected when you need it most.

The best way to prevent pests year-round is to use a professional pest control service like Spidexx. You can also help reduce the numbers of insects you see around your home in a few simple ways. A little thing that goes a long way is eliminating standing water on your property which can be a water source for rodents, a hunting ground for spiders, or a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Make sure your yard drains properly when it rains and if you have patio furniture turn it upside down after rainfall. Keeping your grass trimmed to an appropriate length removes places for insects to shelter. Combining these maintenance tips, with quarterly professional treatments from Spidexx, will allow you to relax in and around your pest-free home year-round!

Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions (FAQ)

  • What can I expect during my quarterly Spidexx service?

    You can always expect your pest control professional to meet you at the door with a smile and ask about any particular pest concerns you are having. In addition to maintaining your pest-free barrier, we will pay special attention to areas of concern or where you have been seeing pests.

    If this is your initial service, we perform a thorough inside-and-out treatment of your home to flush out current pests and break up egg cycles. After the initial service, treatments are exterior-based but interior service is available anytime, if you are still experiencing pest problems indoors.

    We reapply your pest-free barrier each season, focusing on common entry points like the foundation, door and window frames, light fixtures, and eaves. After service, you receive a detailed email describing which pests we treated for and in what areas, as well as any recommendations for follow-up treatment.

    In short, you can expect professionalism, customer service, and peace of mind. If you are ever experiencing pest problems between services, simply give us a call and we’ll come out for a free re-treatment as part of our Ultimate Protection Guarantee!

  • How do I know your products are safe for my family and pets?

    At Spidexx we are committed to the safety of our customers. Our products are expertly applied with your safety in mind. Once the product is dry, it is safe for people, children, and pets. Our products are used in nursing homes, hospitals, daycares, and kennels, so you can trust that the same level of safety and care goes into protecting your family or business. Our technicians undergo extensive training as well as being licensed, so you can rest easy knowing your home or business is safely covered by Spidexx.

  • How can I tell the difference between mice and voles?

    If you don’t know much about small rodents, it might seem difficult to tell the difference between these two animals. Fortunately, there are several key differences. Mice prefer to have their body touching a wall so they are usually found inside, while voles forage outside in open spaces. But while voles are less commonly found inside, mice can be outside so this is not a deciding factor.

    If you can see their tail, you will see a big difference–a mouse has a tail that is close to its own body length while a vole’s tail is much shorter. Voles also have larger eyes and smaller ears than mice. These two rodents differ in their diets as well, with voles eating plants and grass roots (which create yellow snake-like runs in your yard) and mice eating nuts, grains, and seeds.

Rodent Control in Big Bend, WI

Both mice and voles are common pests in Big Bend. Our licensed technicians are expert rodent exterminators. As rodent populations grow quickly, we recommend contacting us at the first signs of activity. Voles can devastate a lawn, and mice carry diseases and cause damage to homes. In fact, it is estimated that 20% of house fires are caused by mice! We offer several options for rodent exterminating, which are detailed below. If you are wondering which is the best for you, our knowledgeable customer service staff is available Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm at (262) 290-2740 to answer any questions you may have.

Mouse Control

Our mouse control services are a start-to-finish method of removing mice from the inside of your home or business, using our three-step method of inspection, baiting, and exclusion. This service is recommended for occasional mouse issues. Our technicians begin with a thorough inspection for entry points and then place pet and child-proof bait stations near the activity.

On the follow-up visit, the technician checks the bait station activity levels, as well as performs an exclusion to seal the small gaps and cracks where mice are getting in. Entry points can be as small as a pencil! Our thorough process is designed to eliminate indoor mice.

Mouse Monitoring

Our mouse monitoring service is an ongoing maintenance service designed to prevent mice from coming indoors, by targeting exterior mouse populations. If you have recurring mouse issues or access points that cannot be sealed up, this is the right service for you! We place pet and child-proof bait stations around the exterior of your home and return to check them every other month. Over time, this will reduce the amount of mice that come into the home, but with this service you also always have interior coverage–so just give us a call anytime and enjoy year-round interior and exterior protection from mice!

Vole Control

Our vole control program is an intensive process where we treat weekly for 8 weeks. We place bait stations adjacent to holes into vole runs. Vole runs are tunnels that voles dig in the grass and landscaping areas, which are usually yellow, slightly raised, and soft when pushed down on. These stations are replenished weekly, as well as moved in order to target as many of the rodents as possible. This service is effective for the season. Unfortunately, it is difficult to prevent voles from returning to the yard year after year.

Big Bend Specialty Pests

Bed bugs, cockroaches, and fleas…oh my! If you have ever dealt with any of these pests, you understand the frustration, stress and discomfort they can cause. Our treatment process for these specialty pests is extensive and thorough, beginning with a prep sheet to be completed before the technician arrives, in order to maximize the treatment’s effectiveness. All of our specialty extermination services include a follow-up treatment to break up egg cycles and ensure the problem has been eradicated. And you will always receive an after-service summary email detailing where we treated and what products we used. Our expertise and quality products mean you can count on Spidexx for your Big Bend specialty pest control.

The #1 Big Bend, WI Exterminators

Spidexx is here to take on any pest problems your home or business is facing, big or small. Our friendly customer service team will listen to what’s going on and help design a custom treatment plan for you, and our experienced technicians solve your pest problems while keeping you and your loved ones safe. Give us a call for a free quote for your home or business, and see for yourself why we are the #1 Big Bend, WI exterminators.