Pest Prevention and Control in Ankeny, IA

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Pest Prevention and Control in Ankeny, IA

Spidexx Pest Control is your one-stop shop for all your pest control needs. We offer year round protection from local pests and deliver only the best quality service to Ankeny and the Greater Des Moines area. With over a decade of experience, we are confident that our treatment programs will take care of any household pest issue you may experience. Whether its ants in your kitchen every spring, spiders in your basement or garage in the fall, or a never-ending wasp issue in your backyard, we know exactly what to do to stop them in their tracks.

The City of Ankeny

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The vibrant city of Ankeny, located in Polk County, is in the northern half of our service area. It is home to over 60,000 residents and is one of the fastest growing cities in America. Their commitment to keeping their small town feel is just one of the perks of this thriving community.

With growth comes all sorts of new experiences. The development of new housing and business has a habit of stirring up the habitats of the local pests and critters. We here at Spidexx understand that it can be frustrating to experience mice or ants in your new home but we are here to rid your house of these pesky pests. With miles of biking and walking trails, this city is bound to experience wildlife around every corner. But once they cross the threshold of your home, that is when you can count on us to clean house.

 Reviews from Spidexx Pest Control Clients  

The best way to find out about Spidexx Pest Control is from our clients. Different pests require different solutions. That’s why all of the work we do is tailored to your home. We care about our clients and they applaud our efforts by leaving honest reviews about the service performed. Below are real reviews from around the web.

five-star-rating“Our technician was great and very thorough. Our son kept getting bites on his arms and legs and he checked all the little nooks and crannies and sprayed generously so he wouldn’t get bit by anything. Spidexx is great with working around your schedule.”

five-star-rating“Your techs are fantastic ambassadors to your brand, I just can’t say enough great things about them! We are very pleased with the Spidexx product, the automated service, payment and scheduling and we would probably be ‘satisfied’ with the service if not for the techs, who take it over the top. They are kind, professional, prompt, and patient with our super vocal dog Theo. Thank you!”

five-star-rating“We have used Spidexx Pest Control since Spring 2016. They have been courteous, prompt and outstanding at taking care of our bug issues. After using another service with average results, Spidexx surprised us with quarterly service that included in-between calls for free! I recommend Spidexx to anyone looking for a quality small business service. Outstanding value for the price.”

five-star-rating“We really like our technician. He is very kind, and remembers everyone in our family. He does a great job. Great customer service! Hard to find these days!”

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Low Cost Pest Control Backed by the Spidexx Guarantee

The residents of Ankeny have several seasonal pests to contend with each year. As a homeowner, you need to protect yourself from the sometimes damaging effects of typical household pests. When mice find their way into your home, they usually are going through small cracks in your foundation but sometimes they will chew through weatherstripping or silicone around the home to get inside where it is warm. They also will nest in your basement or insulation. Carpenter ants love older wood. So if your home is more than a couple decades old, it’s a prime candidate for these wood eating critters. Wasps and Yellow Jackets have no mercy when it comes to finding a safe place to build their home. Any gap or crack in the side of your home is like a vacancy sign for these yellow and black pests. They can build a nest out of sight for years, sometimes even penetrating into your the walls of your home. Wasps will build their paper nests anywhere that is safe from the elements. They love the peaks of homes and under the soffits. If you have a deck or balcony, it’s a pretty safe bet to say that there will be a wasp nest under there at some point during the warmer months. Our seasonal pest control service has free treatments throughout the program to help you manage these and all other household pests.

Residential and Commercial Rodent Control

Our most important goal is to provide stellar customer service. Not only will you receive an one-on-one personal experience every time you call our office, you will receive the attention you and your home deserves from our qualified and trained service professionals. They will be able to answer all of your questions as they walk through your home to inspect any pest activity. We understand that sometimes it can take a few treatments to get rid of certain insects from your home. Our technicians will continue to work with you until your home is pest free.

Our Technicians

As a local business, we know the desire to do business with companies that live and work in our towns. Our employees are raising their families in the same neighborhoods that our clients are. We understand what it takes to eliminate disease carrying and allergy provoking pests such as mice, spiders and yellow jackets because we are preventing those pests in our homes too. Our products are safe enough to be around our families and pets but strong enough to help prevent and eliminate harmful pests from your house. So you can rest easy knowing that while our treatments are taking care of those ants crawling all over your counter, your family is safe. You will never have to leave the home during our treatments. Once the treatment is dry, it is undetectable. We know the quickest, most effective and safest way to keep your home pest free.

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