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Wasps are the pests who like to crash our picnics and send us running inside on nice summer days. Wasps can often be found hovering around garbage bins and rotting fruit. They invite themselves to our picnics because they extremely attracted to our sugary drinks and desserts. Sugar has been shown to increase their lifespan and benefit their reproductive health.


Wasps have yellow and black stripes running down their bodies and grow to be 1.6 cm long. Its important to distinguish between a wasp and a bee because unlike bumble bees, a wasp can sting you multiple times. The sting of a wasp usually wears off within 24 hours, but for a small minority of people, their venom can cause anaphylactic shock, which can fatal. Wasps can build their nests in trees, on the sides and corners of buildings, or even on the ground. If you accidentally disturb a wasp nest and find yourself in the middle of an attack, try to find shelter indoors immediately. If that is not an option, you can also seek shelter in a large body of water. Whatever you do, do not swat at them. Wasps use chemical signals to communicate to each other and if they feel they are being threatened, they will send out a signal alerting other wasps to come and help.

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